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Jabra Freedom

Welcome to JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE, the new VISA reward programme for loyal partners.

All of your hard work is appreciated, therefore you deserve something in return! Forget about restrictive reward catalogues. Jabra have a programme that gives you what you really want: easy-to-spend rewards!

It's simple: the more you sell, the more cash you make.
This innovative and unique programme is based around VISA e-cards, which enable you to spend your earned cash, in the UK or around the world, wherever VISA is accepted (online, mail order or telephone only).

So, hurry and reward yourself with the new JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE loyalty programme.


It's as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Step 1: Claim your GN Netcom sales of Jabra headsets
  • Step 2: Convert your earned rewards into VISA e-cards, whenever you need!
  • Step 3: Spend your earned cash!


Do I qualify?

To participate, your company must be registered within the Jabra Partner Programme as an approved Silver or Gold Jabra Partner in the United Kingdom. For more information or to register, visit

All management and sales employees, within these companies, are eligible to participate.

How do I register with JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE?

To register, visit and click on New User.

As part of the simple registration process, you will be asked to provide us with your contact information and to agree to the JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE Terms & Conditions. You will also be required to select one of the three schemes you and/or your company can participate in (see below for more information).

Individuals or Company or both?

For our reseller partners, there are 3 schemes to choose from:

Individuals Only: Rewards will be credited to the relevant individual participants, whether they make the claims themselves or whether the claims are attributed to them by a colleague.
Company Only: All rewards will be attributed to the named Company Representative.
Individuals and Company: Rewards will be split between the relevant individuals making the claims and the named Company Representative.

How do I claim?

  • Once you have logged in the JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE website, all you need to do is complete the online claim form (click on New Claim).
  • We will validate your claim and will credit your and/or your company's JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE Rewards Account.
  • Claims must be registered within 45 days of the purchase date (date on your invoice).
  • You will also be able to check, in real-time, your own and your company’s claim history online at (click on My Claims).
  • Each eligible Jabra product has a cash equivalent. Full details in terms of product eligibility and equivalent cash values will be provided once you have successfully registered in the JABRA FREEDOM ONLINE programme (click on Products & Rewards).

How do I obtain and spend my rewards?

Once you have rewards available to you (click on My E-Cards for your Rewards balance), you can convert these rewards into VISA e-cards; these are issued once a month at a specific 'cut-off' date (which will be shown on the home page).

These VISA e-cards will be emailed to you, in the form of an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document, and will include an activation code. At the same time, you will receive your PIN via SMS. By following the steps indicated on the VISA e-card, your actual VISA number will be displayed on the screen and you will receive your VISA e-card security details by email.

Once you have both the VISA number and security details for your VISA e-card, you can use it for mail orders, online transactions or over the telephone in the UK or internationally.



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