Comstor Services Solutions

Cisco Smart Net Total Care Renewals

Increase annuity sales and margins with Cisco Services Renewals 

Securing Cisco Smart Net Total Care Renewals is the easiest way to increasing your sales pipeline. By renewing your Cisco services contract with Comstor:

Boost Revenue

Increase margins

Build long-term 
customer loyalty




Don’t leave easy money on the table.  Utilise Comstor’s expertise and tools to simplify the renewals process and increase success rates. 

Renewing Smart Net Total Care contracts brings renewed customer relationships and guaranteed revenue streams, and as the Cisco Services experts Comstor supports you every step of the way.

  • Visibility              
  •  Position Renewals         
  • Cisco renewal campaigns  
  • Buy Price
  • Avoid potential Rejection
  • Focussed call out days
  • Managing CSSP rebates
  • Help targeting opportunities

Renewing Cisco Technical Services contracts can help you:  

  • Enhance cash flow and margins
  • Penetrate new markets 
  • Improve your competitive advantage 
  • Increase your customer retention 
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Expand your relationship with your customer

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