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Comstor Mentor Programme


The Mentor Process

Becoming part of the CMP is a straightforward step-by-step process, with the
focus at all times being on successful financial outcomes for your company's Cisco business. An inital briefing leads to a CMP workshop so our team can get to know yours. This allows us to spend some time with your executives in order to understand the full details of your business strategy.

Then a CMP Action Overview is produced to capture the outcome of the workshop and to note and monitor any future actions. Your subseqent operational acitivty is monitored regularly and more formally during a Quarterly Business Review. Initially we focus on planning and positioning your business with Cisco, then we look at driving engagement further with Cisco and ensuring execution of agreed operational and strategic objectives.


Accelerate your Business with the Mentor Programme

Mentor focuses on helping you grow your Cisco business, as a Mentor Partner you will get full support and advice from Comstor to help you achieve sales growth across new technology areas, boost your incremental revenue and secure more business. 

You will be informed about the correct Cisco programmes and tools available to help you accelerate your business and ensure that Partners embrace everything Cisco has to offer. 

Prepare your Business with Comstor

As a Comstor Partner you will receive focused suport on value-added services, including sales account management, pre-sales, services, product management, training and marketing.




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