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Market and Competitive Intelligence to Win More Deals!

The faster you gain vital competitive information, the faster you can act. Westcon Group provides you with access to a powerful resource to help you:


  • Create competitive advantage 
  • Formulate effective and actionable sales and marketing strategies 
  • Differentiate your solutions and edge out the competition 
  • Increase market opportunities and improve sales and business performance


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Current Analysis provides practical insights and advice that you can put to use right away!

  • Continuous, objective and actionable event analysis 
    Understand not just what happened, but what it means and what you should do about it! 
  • In-depth company and product/solution assessments 
    Learn information that is usually hard to find on strengths, weaknesses, sales and marketing strategies 
  • Head-to-head company and product comparisons
    Conduct side-by-side assessments to pinpoint how you stack up against the competition and how you offer best advantage 
  • Tactical sales-ready strategies, positioning and recommendations 
    Be prepared for competitor responses, address prospective opportunities and enable immediate sales actions 
  • Comprehensive market assessments
    Recognize market and competitive trends and dynamics so you can best address a changing industry landscape 
  • Daily and weekly alerts with quick access to relevant information
    We help you anticipate, monitor, detect and interpret change in your business environment 

Drive Growth and Market Leadership with Intelligence that Gives You
the Competitive Edge

Free Access! There is no cost to you! Registration is simple and you can start taking advantage of this powerful tool immediately.


CurrentCOMPETE Quick-Glance User Guide

Please click here to download our user guide which will help you get started in producing assessments, reports and company/product comparisons.  

The guide includes:

  • How to access the system and take advantage of all it has to offer
  • A detailed look at the Current Analysis homepage 
  • A look at the market, company and service dashboards
  • Information on company, product and solution assessments, intelligence and market advisory reports, and product and company comparisons 
  • Using the Compare feature for side-by-side comparisons


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Training Video

Marketing and Competitive Intelligence for Westcon Group Customers

Erika Caraci, Senior Manager, Client Services for Current Analysis, provides a walkthrough of the Current Analysis website and how to access compettive intelligence.

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