Brexit one year on

Westcon-Comstor's Tony Nevill comments on the effects of Brexit on the channel

Tony Nevill, Managing Director UKI Westcon-Comstor comments on the effects of Brexit on the channel during an interview with MicroScope.

Brexit Crossroads

[..] Tony Nevill, Managing Director for UK & Ireland at Westcon-Comstor, agrees with many that the most notable consequence of Brexit so far has been the effect on the pound.

“Price changes up or down at quote stage always slow things a little, however, that’s very much business as usual. What has been unusual is the speed and volatility of the changes.”

Nevertheless, he does not believe Brexit has had a seismic effect. “In the instances where the falling pound may have been an issue, we worked with our vendors to absorb whatever impact there was because one thing is clear, our partners need to be confident their customers have no cause to rethink or stall any current purchasing decision.

He says things have been “relatively calm” in the early days of the Brexit process but “now we’re underway, the realities of Brexit will become clear and, however things pan out, in under two years’ time customers will be in a far more certain position to make informed investment decisions.

Which way will things go? If I knew all the answers I’d be working in ForEx and already planning my retirement” [...]

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